Reputation Management for Hotels


Gain a deeper understanding of written guest feedback with our text analytics tool. Find out what is driving your ratings and what you can do to improve guest satisfaction at your property.


Thousands of online reviews and survey responses are processed and categorized to give a qualitative view of guest feedback. This complements and deepens what can be understood from the quantitative indexes, scores, and ratings.

Reputation Management for Hotels

Turn guest feedback into action

Quickly identify areas that are most affecting your guest experience to support business decisions, understand competitors, and focus staff on priorities.

Reputation Management for Hotels

Identify the right priorities, right now

Gain clear insight into what is most impacting your online reputation with the Impact Analysis functionality. Set clear priorities and drive action where it matters most.

Reputation Management for Hotels

Gain advantage over the competition

Identify revenue opportunities by benchmarking against your competitors to see what they do better and why, according to their guest reviews.