ATIC – Quality Tourism Framework Dashboard 

Get the most out of your ReviewPro account, and be updated with the latest developments around your online reputation.

Understanding the key metrics in your ReviewPro dashboard is vital, and we also recommend that you set up the following reports that will be sent to you regularly, and be notified whenever you have a new negative review.

Introduction to ReviewPro key metrics:

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Creating Reports / Alerts:

Creating a report or an alert in ReviewPro is easy, you may refer to the following to understand how to go about setting up one for yourself:


You can set up weekly or monthly reports to monitor several areas within ReviewPro by using the "Actions"-button within that specific page:

  • "Reviews > Dashboard"
    To get an overview of your key metrics regarding your online reputation in general 
  • "Reviews > Results"
    To monitor (performance) on the various sources such as, Tripadvisor, Google, etc. 
  • "Reviews > Management Response"
    To monitor how you are managing your Management Responses for reviews that are respondable on the sources that allows a response.
  • "Reviews > Semantic Results"
    To identify areas where your operations have excelled and more importantly, which aspects to focus on to drive improvements within your organisation.


  • New Negative Review – You may set up an alert to notify you whenever a new negative review is captured for your hotel/business in ReviewPro from the "Reviews > Tracking" page.
  • Set this up by navigating to "Reviews > Tracking" page, and clicking on "Create Alert".

Managing the reports / alerts:

After you have set up the reports and alerts, you may manage the scheduled reports via the "Manage > Reports" page and the scheduled alerts via the "Manage > Alerts" page

Your Account

Lastly, you can determine how you would like to be receiving the notifications via the "Settings" page:

  • Notifications Channel – you are able to configure the type of content you would like to be notified about, and also the channel of communication.
  • Language & Translations settings – Set up your languages preferences. Select which languages you prefer to translate and which ones you prefer to keep in the original version. The content in the languages that you have selected will not be translated.

Need more support?

For any support related matters, you may reach out to your respective state administrators and ReviewPro via