Free Live Webinar for Hoteliers

Keep Ahead of the Curve with the Latest Digital Marketing Trends

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In the next installment of ReviewPro’s free webinar series, we discuss the most important trends in digital marketing for 2016 and what hoteliers need to do to adapt and thrive.
From new distribution channels like instant booking on TripAdvisor and Google, to new ways to connect with travelers and deliver guests service excellence, we bring in the experts to help you decide how to optimize your strategy and prioritize your resources in 2016.

Topics include:

  • Merger Mania
  • New Distribution Channels & Competitors
  • Digital Customer Service
  • Personalization
  • Total Reputation Management
  • Featured Panelists

    • Benjamin Habbel

      Co-founder & CEO


    • Anthony Zebrowski-Rubbin

      CEO & Co-founder


    • Fiona Gillen

      VP of Marketing


    • Daniel E. Craig