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The Impact of Traveler Reviews on Destinations & Hotel Rating Systems

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The explosive popularity of traveler reviews has obliged destinations around the world to rethink their approach to hotel rating systems. Are “official” rating systems still relevant? Is quality measured in stars, diamonds, bubbles or aggregate scores? And who decides – travelers, governments, associations, the media or hotels?

In the next ReviewPro webinar we discuss how leading destinations, travel associations and hospitality consultancies are using online reviews and review data to:

  • Integrate the voice of the traveler into hotel rating systems
  • Analyze traveler sentiment
  • Develop targeted marketing campaigns
  • Increase accountability and transparency among hotels
  • Enhance visitor trust, satisfaction and advocacy

Whether you work for a destination, government, tourism organization, hotel or hotel association, you’re invited to join us for this groundbreaking webinar.

Featured Panelists

  • Christopher Imbsen

    Deputy Regional Director for Europe


  • David Ermen

    Manager, Lodging & Tourism Clients Group

    PwC Switzerland

  • Josiah Mackenzie

    VP of Business Development


  • Daniel E. Craig