Free Webinar for Hoteliers

Optimizing Your Hotel’s OTA Strategy

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OTAs are a critical source of business for hotels as a key booking channel. Join us for our free webinar series to hear our panel of experts talk about how hotels can build an effective OTA +strategy, manage listings and maintain mutually beneficial relationships.

Topics include:
  • The role of OTAs in hotel marketing
  • How to measure costs of acquisition and find the optimal channel mix
  • Negotiating the most favorable terms
  • Optimizing your OTA presence
  • How to convert OTA users into direct bookers and loyal guests
  • Managing reviews, ratings and rankings on OTAs
  • Q&A with the experts
  • Featured Panelists

    • Cindy Estis Green

      CEO and Co-founder

    • Max Starkov

      President & CEO

    • RJ Friedlander

      Founder & CEO

    • Daniel E. Craig