Free Guide for Hoteliers

Optimize your hotel’s performance on OTAs

As more hotels look for ways to attract direct bookings, one thing remains clear: online travel agencies, or OTAs, will continue to play an important role in hotels’ channel mix.

In this comprehensive guide, we focus on how to get OTA business working for your hotel or hotel group. We’ll share tips and strategies from hotel industry experts for taking control of OTA business as a marketing channel for finding new guests – and then converting OTA bookers into loyal, direct-booking guests.

Whether you’re happy with your OTA strategy or feel it needs lots of work, download our guide today and start taking a focused, results-oriented approach to managing OTA business!

Topics include:

  • The role of OTAs in Hotel Marketing
  • Costs of Acquisition & Channel Mix
  • Managing of OTA Business
  • Converting OTA Guests to Direct Bookers
  • Managing Reviews on OTAs
  • Key Takeaways