Free Live Webinar for Hoteliers

Mastering the Art of Service Recovery


Despite the best intentions of staff, things can go wrong during a hotel stay. If left unresolved, disappointments can escalate to bad reviews and lost business.

In the next ReviewPro webinar we discuss how to implement strategies, tools and processes to master the art of service recovery at the property and brand levels.

Topic include:

  • Six key steps to service recovery
  • Automated tools for identifying issues on property and tracking resolution
  • Strategies and processes for resolving complaints
  • How Hotel Corallo maintains as +95% Global Review Index™
  • Kempinski Hotels: Advanced strategies in guest satisfaction management

Featured Panelists

  • Hilda Beleskaite

    Director of Operations Projects

    Kempinski Hotels

  • Antonello Assante

    Hotel Manager

    Hotel Corallo

  • Neil James

    VP of Global Customer Success


  • Daniel E. Craig