Free Live Webinar for Hoteliers

Trends & Strategies for Taking Guest Satisfaction to the Next Level in 2019

Date & Time: Tuesday, February 26, 2019 17:00 CET
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Traveler behavior and expectations are changing—are you keeping up? In the next ReviewPro webinar we discuss how to leverage key trends in 2019 to take the guest experience to the next level.

Topics include:

  • Keeping on top of guest feedback: Review volume was up by 30% last year, and guest feedback channels have proliferated. How can hotels stay on top? And what does TripAdvisor’s new travel feed mean for hospitality businesses?
  • Leveraging Integrated Data: After years of fragmentation of guest feedback, data integration is finally happening. What does this mean for guest experience management, and how can you take advantage of enhanced tools and functionality?
  • Delivering Real-time Guest Service: Travelers’ expectations of speedy responses to questions and concerns are higher than ever. How can hotels implement systems and processes to exceed expectations and deliver operational excellence?

Featured Panelists

  • Brian Pratt

    Chief Officer, Distribution, Technology & Innovation

  • Neil James

    VP of Global Customer Success

  • Daniel E. Craig