Free Guide for Hoteliers

TripAdvisor for Hotels: How to Drive more Reviews, Website Traffic & Bookings

TripAdvisor has become even more integral to the success of hotels with its ever-expanding community, wealth of guest feedback and new ways to drive direct bookings. Not only does it help guests plan their trip and enhance their experience, it also helps your hotel achieve higher level of guest satisfaction and increased revenue.

In this guide we bring you up to speed on the latest news and features from the world’s largest travel site and share expert tips from Brian Payea, Head of Industry Relations at TripAdvisor. We’ll show you how to optimize your presence, earn more positive reviews, and drive a higher volume of website traffic and revenue. Download our guide and start improving your hotel’s ranking on TripAdvisor today!

This guide includes:

  • The latest research from TripAdvisor
  • How to optimize your TripAdvisor page
  • TripAdvisor filter options
  • Tips for earning positive reviews
  • Driving website traffic and bookings
  • Tracking performance