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Guide to Review Analytics for Hotel Investors

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“Big Data” is a hot topic today. It refers to the massive amounts of data available to business managers, owners and analysts arising from innovations in technology and communications that track consumer behavior. The trend is particularly evident in the travel industry. Everywhere they go, travelers are leaving digital data trails. Data related to hotel reviews is particularly insightful, revealing where travelers stay, what they like and dislike, and which properties they recommend. Review data provides invaluable insight for travelers and hoteliers, and places an unprecedented amount of rich information at the fingertips of hotel owner and investors. Now, whether you’re evaluating an investment, valuing an asset or analyzing its performance, you have the ability to tap into unbiased feedback from tens of thousands of hotel guests.

In this guide, you will learn:
  • What review analytics are
  • Why review analytics are uniquely valuable to hotel investors
  • How review analytics are changing hotel investment strategy
  • Examples of when review analytics can help you make decisions
  • Use case: Review analytics to improve due diligence
  • Use case: Review analytics for identifying market opportunities
  • ReviewPro’s solutions for hotel investors