Auto Case Management

What technologies support hotel automation and how?

Guest messaging is one of the key pieces of technology that support hotel automation. A hotel chatbot can do many things simultaneously, such as: Automate responses to frequently asked questions  Deliver support to guests any time of day or night  Answer guests in various language  Free up time of front desk staff and contact centers  How Can Hotels Automate Outbound Communication? Hoteliers can use technology is to automate outbound communication. Although this concept […]

How should hotels approach automation?

It is really important to find the right balance between human intervention and automated processes.  As there are many ways that hotels can automate their operations, some hotels may feel the need to automate everything at once. However, taking it step by step is key:  Make sure that everything’s very well implemented and functional  Your team need to be familiar with the new processes and procedures  Be […]

What does automation mean for hotels?

Automation has multiple definitions:   Relieving manual or repetitive processes   Adding machine-level reliability to operations  Smartly handling large guest data sets.   All these definitions have the same aim, to improve the guest experience by introducing automatic rules to something that was previously manual and repetitive.  Many businesses already have some sort of automation rules within their operations, for example, email marketing, auto-fill forms, or translation. For a […]

Do I need a case management system for my hotel?

A case management system allows a hotel to keep track of the follow-up of guest feedback and requests, while also allowing you to automate your operational processes. Case automation offers two main benefits: it allows you to streamline your operational processes across the organization and gives you insight into your strengths and weaknesses.  A Case […]

What is auto case management?

Auto Case management is an automated task system for hoteliers that notifies or escalates cases to the right people when action is needed. Auto Case Management can be used on two different levels: automated cases can be triggered via guest feedback in online reviews and guest survey responses, or by direct guest requests or complaints. […]

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