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Sochi Olympics: Guest review data indicates problematic reputation

Reviewpro analyzed online guest reviews from more than 100 on-line travel agencies and review sites on 80+ hotels in the Krasnodar region, based on Global Review Index™ scores

  • The Weiler Hotel leads the ranking with a 95.1% online reputation score; Hotel Diana Palace and Hotel Dashkov round up the Top 3.
  • Sochi’s hotels average reputation score is below those of Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kiev, Sofia and Istanbul. 51.5% of reviews for the Olympic city’s hotels were positive; 16.4% accounted for negative experiences.
  • Room, hotel and breakfast were the most widely discussed topics by guests.
  • Sochi’s hotel industry thrives as leading groups such as Azimut open new properties in the resort destination.

6 FEBRUARY 2014- Ahead of the 2014 Winter Olympics, ReviewPro analyzed online guest reviews for Sochi-area properties to reveal the top-rated lodgings. ReviewPro’s research is based on guest comments about 81 properties in the Krasnodar region published during the last 12 months on more than 100 of the leading online travel agencies and review sites. Besides hosting the 2014 Olympics, Sochi is the third largest tourist destination in Russia.

ReviewPro calculated its Global Review Index™ (GRI) online reputation score for each property for the 2013 period. The Weiler Hotel, located in the Adler resort and a 15-minute drive from Sochi’s airport, took the No. 1 spot with a remarkable 95.1% GRI, more than 16 points above the region’s average score (78.7%). The Diana Palace Hotel (87.4%), also in Adler, and the 3-star Dashkov Hotel (86.3%), followed the 29-room property in the Top 3.

Top-rated lodgings by their guests in Sochi and the Krasnodar region

  1. Weiler Hotel – 95.1%
  2. Hotel Diana Palace – 87.4%
  3. Hotel Dashkov – 86.3%
  4. Belvedere – 85.8%
  5. Grand Hotel Polyana – 84.7%
  6. Bristol – 84.6%
  7. Grand Hotel and Spa Rodina – 84.4%
  8. Lazur Beach Hotel – 84.2%
  9. Mashuk Hotel – 84.2%
  10. Hotel Olesya – 84.1%

The research also determined that Sochi’s average reputation score, with a 78.7% GRI, is consistently below those of other destinations such as Kiev (83.3%), Moscow (82.2%), St. Petersburg (82.1%) Sofia (81.2%) and Istanbul (80.5%). Only 51.5% of the online guest reviews on the 81 properties analyzed by ReviewPro were positive, while 16.4% referred to negative hotel experiences and the remaining 32.1% were neutral.

According to RJ Friedlander, CEO of ReviewPro, “the Olympics represent an unparalleled opportunity to showcase what a city has to offer to international tourists. However, besides boosting visits, the Games also set a new benchmark for its hotels and restaurants. The properties of the Krasnodar region can therefore seize a tremendous opportunity but also face a significant challenge, in which online reputation and social media analytics can play a key role. Leveraging our tool of reputation management for hotels, hotel managers can identify what are their strengths and areas for improvement according to their guests, and act accordingly to increase guest satisfaction and revenue.”

The Winter Olympics have increased the appeal for hotel groups of what was already one of Russia’s largest and most popular resort destinations. Leading brands such as Marriott, Accor and the Russian group Azimut, whose two new properties will host some of the international media that will be attending the Games, recently landed in Sochi, with some 1,800 new rooms coming on its Downtown area.

“Amidst the news on the poor condition of some hotels at the Olympic site, ReviewPro’s ranking might have been a saving grace for journalists and other visitors to the Olympic city. Local hoteliers would have benefited from our detailed guest satisfaction analytics to know where they needed to focus improvement prior to the games,” added Friedlander.

Thanks to its world-class sentiment analysis technology, ReviewPro also obtained the most widely addressed topics in guest reviews. Consumers’ conversations about room, staff and breakfast led the ranking, and 82.6% of these references were positive. Russian was the most widely used language, accounting for 57.1% of the reviews and followed at a great distance by English (9.3%), German (1.1%) and Chinese (0.6%).

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