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The Growing Complexity of Online Reputation and Social Media Management in the Hotel Sector

Social_networks In the hotel sector today, it is difficult to find a professional working in sales, marketing, revenue/distribution or quality that is not concerned with the impact of his/her’s hotel(s) online reputation and presence on the leading social media sites.  In fact, many in the sector consider the impact of user-generated content on marketing and the buying to be the most important trend in the hotel in recent years.    Independent studies confirm that up to 70% of hotels are responding to this “game changing” trend in the hotel sector by trying to manually manage their reputation across major online travel agencies and in key social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, etc.. What these hotelier’s are quickly realizing is that the vast number of review and social media sources, combined with rapidly growing review volume, make it impossible to manage this process using internal resources.  The key to success for hoteliers is to track everything that is being said about their establishments in all relevant: sources, content formats and languages. The following graph illustrates why social media management for a hotel chain is much more complex than it might initially appear.

Knowing where all the relevant user-generated content is being created and distributed is a basic requirement to building an effective social media measurement and engagement strategy.  Facebook, Twitter and other leading social media platforms are critical to track and manage, however, focusing only on this type of content limits the impact of effectively managing your hotel(s) overall online reputation management initiative.  For the time being at least, hotel reviews in online travel agencies are still having the biggest impact on influencing consumer’s decision-making process when reserving hotel rooms online.  


There are a lot of variables to consider before beginning your online reputation monitoring and response efforts and it is fundamental to work with a technology partner in this area. It is critical to select a social media analytics partner that offers you the most complete solution and delivers the best return on investment for your hotel. ReviewPro is currently helping more than 600 clients do just that.   We currently aggregate more than 22 million reviews – across 7 languages – in text, photo, video and micro blogging platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.  We also update reviews from more than 50 of the most important online travel agencies in the world.  In addition to an unparalleled universe of data, ReviewPro offers the most complete solution in the industry, which includes the Global Review Index™, departmental quality scores, semantic analysis, workflow functionality to manage the improvement process and detailed competitive benchmarking.   The results our clients are achieving are impressive.  In fact, many of our clients have increased revenue and profitability as a result of improving online distribution sales and direct reservations in their own website.  Even more importantly, our clients are typically getting a positive ROI on their investment with ReviewPro within the first few months of using our technology.