Trends 2017: How Your Hotel Can Adapt & Thrive

We have all heard about important trends in the industry this year, but do you have a clear strategy in place for tackling them?

In our most recent guide “How to Tackle Disruptive Hotel Trends in 2017”, we discuss the outlook for the global travel industry in 2017 as well as focusing on three major trends and what hotels can do to adapt and thrive.

The Rise of Megabrands

The travel industry has witnessed huge growth in recent years with consolidation amongst major players giving rise to companies so big and powerful that they are known as “megabrands”. So how can your hotel compete with these?

·Understand why travelers use OTAs
·Personalize the guest experience
·Have a direct booking strategy
·Diversity distribution
·Calculate & compare costs of acquisition
·Recognize repeat guests
·Maintain a great website

Private Rentals

The private rentals sector, also known as alternative accommodations or home-sharing is considered to be part of the sharing economy. To compete with private rentals, hotels can put a number of strategies in place:

·Highlight your hotel’s services and amenities
·Support local government officials and hotel associations in efforts to regulate and implement taxes on private rentals
·Monetize your underutilized space
·Branch out beyond catering exclusively to guests

Digitization in Customer Service

Technological innovation has the potential to dramatically change how hotels operate and how travelers experience hotels. Properties can embrace digital technology by doing the following:

·Allow guests to communicate via messaging apps & social media
·Use CRM tools to collect data on guests
·Use ReviewPro to mine guest feedback
·Keep up to date with emerging technologies
·Focus on guest experience enhancement

Whether it’s the rise of megabrands, the looming threat of the private rental sector, or innovations in customer service technology, it all links back to the guest experience. Download the full guide here to find out more.