Tips for Effective Content Marketing at Your Hotel!

Content Marketing is the process of publishing content – primarily text and imagery – related to our business. It is an extremely effective way for hotels to stand out from competitors online and to attract, engage and convert travelers. It is also a means of driving higher guest satisfaction and better reviews by helping guests plan trips and make the most of their experience. With this in mind, we have put together a list of top tips for effective content marketing at your hotel.

· Create and curate content

There are two main types of content: content created by your business, and content created by others and shared by your business – also known as curated content. When creating your own content, strive for a tone and quality that is consistent with your hotel’s branding and personality. When curating content, be sure to respect copyrights. Ask for permission and give credit by linking back to the original source.

·Be targeted

Sharing jokes and funny pictures may get people’s attention, but if your messaging isn’t relevant to your hotel, it probably won’t help your business. Focus on content that somehow ties back to your hotel, location and travel in general, as well as related topics like food and beverage, shopping and business travel.

· Think local

An increasing amount of travel planning, decision making and social sharing takes place during trips, while travelers are in destination and looking for places to stay, eat, shop, relax and explore. Whether you’re targeting trip planners at home or in destination, be sure to include local content in your content marketing efforts. Local content includes stories, news, information and imagery that promote your destination and help visitors make the most of their experience.

· Optimize Content

When optimizing content, whether in text or imagery, keep in mind the two primary audiences, travelers and algorithms. Create content that gets the attention of travelers, answers their questions and solves their pain points, and add links and calls to action to direct them where to find out more and how to make a booking. At the same time, optimize content for search engine algorithms by labeling it with your hotel name, location and description. For website and content, integrate SEO features like title tags, meta tags, keywords and links. For social media content, use hashtags, visuals and links.

By taking these key tips on board, you will attract visitors to your website and marketing channels, and to inform, engage and ultimately convert them into customers!

For more information, download our full guide with more tips and strategies here.