Speed of Resolution Affects Customer Retention, Loyalty

A recent research project presented in a Harvard Business Review article suggests that the top priority for companies should be to provide quick, simple resolutions to problems. The focus of service must be on reducing the amount of effort customers make to get issues resolved.

The title of this article was “Stop trying to delight your customers” – which, while the over-simplification is intended to prove a point – can be a dangerous mindset to promote. (I’ll explain more about this in tomorrow’s post.)

But for now, how are you focusing on providing speedy resolution for your customers? More and more consumers go to the web – social media and review sites specifically – to vent and talk about your company, but also to seek resolution for their questions. Do you have the right listening tools and systems in place to pick up on these conversations? Have you established internal issue resolution processes to respond to feedback in a way that helps you retain customers and win their loyalty?

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