Use of social media varies by country: Latin America vs. USA

Use of social media networks may be soaring worldwide, but today reminds us just how much usage can vary by region. In the article, Tnooz examines the differences between U.S. and Latin American digital consumers.

Tnooz makes this point with an interesting infographic that compares digital consumers’ use and device type in Latin America and the U.S.A. The statistics are from IMS, a Latin America media and marketing firm.

The piece is worth highlighting here as hoteliers consider social media strategies for guests from around the world. But it’s also worth mentioning because the Latin American market has become a major focus for multi-national hotel operators such as IHG, Marriott and Starwood; each of these operators are racing to plant their flags in countries such as Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. Social media will ultimately play a role in how the brands reach out and communicate with their customers.

Highlights from the Tnooz infographic include:

  • 67% of U.S. internet users use a social networking channel such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+, vs. 97.5% of Latin American internet users.
  • Latin America has 179 million Facebook users – 13% more Facebook users than the USA’s 158 million.
  • Latin American social media users spend 10.5 hours/month on social media, compared to US consumers spending only 5.5 hours.
  • Most important demographic? 38% of 30-49 year olds use the internet in the United States, while 15-24 year olds (at 35.5%) reign supreme in Latin America.
  • Finally, Tnooz notes that Latin America’s internet population is the fastest growing in the world.

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