Industry Analyst Jonathan Alford Investigates Social Media Intelligence Platforms for Travel

Jonathan Alford of Lenati, a consultancy focused on building stronger customer connections, published an analysis report on Social Media Intelligence Platforms for Travel:

“In many ways, Social Media Intelligence (SMI), aka Social Media Monitoring, aka Reputation Management….are modern versions of PR press clipping services, scouring millions of sources to help you understand what anyone, not just professional media, is saying about your brand.

The opportunity to listen to any conversation about your brand is astounding – almost unfathomable a few years ago, but to render the flood of social media useful, over 100 (at current count) firms promote the ability to “Listen” to everything said about your brand, “Engage” a review, tweet or blog, “Analyze” review scores, how often brands are mentioned and how they’re perceived, and identify “influencers” who can drive that perception.

But, like any nascent technology in a hot space, firms vary in quality and what they truly enable marketers to do.”

You can read the summary post on Tnooz.