Bridging the Gap Between Online and Offline Hospitality

Sometimes, day to day life on the frontline of hotel life can seem like a world away from the digital world of OTAs and guest reviews.

But whether attending to guests online, via surveys, or a combination of the two, hotels that are actively engaged with digital feedback and implement a solid management response strategy are more likely to understand the real needs of their clients.

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Outside view of Samuel Braun Hotel

Samuel Braun Hotels turned to ReviewPro to find a way to “bridge the gap” between the online digital world (reviews, online reputation) and the offline material world (hotel staff’s daily life) and ensure they were making operational and service improvements according to real guest feedback

In this case study, we see how:

-The brand applied an ambitious management response strategy and increased response volume by almost half.
-It boosted review volume with a TripAdvisor collection program in its post-stay survey
-Guest feedback data and insights were shared with all staff and used to make meaningful change on property.

The final results speak for themselves!