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Using Saved Social Searches to Generate Sales Leads from Twitter

reviewpro sales leads through saved social Twitter searchesOne of the most tangible ways to generate revenue from social media is to set up listening systems that help you see opportunities and identify sales leads. ReviewPro’s Saved Social Searches function acts in effect like a 24/7 lead generation tool for your sales and marketing teams.

How does this process work?

Identifying the right keyword phrases

In our guide to Twitter for hotels, we wrote about the terms to monitor from a reputation management standpoint. These phrases are important for reputation management for hotels, but to identify sales opportunities, you may think about bigger concepts. Try to picture what words travelers in your demographic may use as they plan their trip. Perhaps something along the lines of…

  • Visiting [City]
  • [City] recommendations
  • [City] hotel recommendations
  • Need hotel [City]

A keyword research tool such as the one provided by Google can be very helpful for identifying phrases that are most commonly used by travelers. Sometimes our customers use words and phrasing that is different than we use in the hospitality industry.

Noise vs. volume

Keyword selection for social searches is always a tradeoff between quality and volume. A generic search such as “visiting New York” will return a large number of results from tourists visiting the city, but a specific search such as “San Francisco business hotel recommendation” or “need London event venue” is more likely to reveal buying intent.

Test and evolve

For this reason, continual testing and optimizing of your saved keyword searches is crucial. Each market and hotel is a different situation which requires constant experimentation.

Selling through a service mindset

A final recommendation I make is to approach your sales activity on Twitter and other social networks with a service mindset. Act like a concierge. Rather than just blasting special rates and deals to anyone out there, your primary focus should be to introduce your hotels through answering questions and providing service.

Remember that you may be entering an online conversation that someone is having with their circle of online friends. Be tactful in the way you join that conversation.

Do you have a listening tool that allows you to identify sales opportunities in social media, respond, and track followup activity? See for yourself how this works in ReviewPro by requesting a demonstration today….