Are robots changing the way that guest experience is measured in the hotel industry?

In the age in which travelers are craving unique experiences, what happens when you throw robots into the mix? Do people prefer a personal touch or do they want innovation and efficiency?

Imagine this scenario. You are relaxing in your hotel room and call reception to request a fresh towel. Minutes later, there is a knock at the door and outside a robot awaits you with a perfectly folded bath towel. Would you appreciate this innovation or dislike the lack of personal interaction?

This is not a concept of the future, but rather it already exists. Several creators of autonomous robot helpers are attempting to revolutionize the guest experience by offering technology to enhance it. Some properties are already using these robots: Marriott has Mario welcoming guests in Ghent, Hilton has Connie the concierge in Virginia and InterContinental has Dash, autonomously relaying items from staff to guests in numerous hotels.

Mario the Robot at Ghent Marriott Hotel

Mario the Robot at Ghent Marriott Hotel

Service robots are programmed to respond to simple guest queries such as a request for a towel or a snack. A member of hotel staff can place this object in the robot and it is programmed to take this to a specific room. Others, such as Connie at the Hilton, can tell guests what they need to know about where to eat, drink, and anything else they might want to know about the hotel.

There are pros and cons to having robots serve guests at your hotel. Advantages, it is memorable and there is no possibility of conflict between staff and guests. Disadvantages, it is not as personal and some guests may be put off by the lack of human touch or a friendly smile.

What we are seeing at ReviewPro is that that by using Guest Intelligence, hotels as well as robot creators themselves, can monitor how the robots are being received by guests. Our Advanced Semantic Analysis can be used to create keyword alerts to track and monitor how guests are responding to the robots. This enables the individual hotels to identify any online reviews from guests that contain comments related to the robots to analyze the positive or negative impact.

This innovation in the guest experience demonstrates just one of the exciting technology developments happening in the hospitality industry, both in terms of the robot technology and the way guest satisfaction performance is measured.