ReviewPro’s New Back Office Capabilities

This week we interview Neil James, ReviewPro’s VP of Global Customer Success, about the recent functionalities added to the back office of the platform.

ReviewPro: Tell us about the new functionality and why this was developed.Neil James: Clients wanted to have more control over the back office and their own configuration, while still being able to count on Account Management support for technical issues. The new back office does exactly that.

Neil James COO of ReviewPro

RP: What was the Back Office like until now?

NJ: Until recently, most clients had to contact account management to take care of many daily tasks. This meant that if a customer was onboarding new staff, or making changes over holidays or weekends they had to wait for ReviewPro to be able to deal with their needs, and this wasn’t scalable for either party.

What inspired the change was an external platform we had been using for quite a while called ‘Online Onboarding’. It was a separate application and wasn’t particularly easy to manage, but customers loved it. We decided to develop this idea and add it to the ReviewPro platform to create an efficient and time-saving process.

RP: What are the key features?

NJ: The key features are the ability to add and remove users, to create and modify workgroups, to set competitors, and to program reports. We have a ton of information on how to do all of this in the learning and support center.

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RP: What does this mean for clients?

NJ: Users now expect to be able to have control over their accounts and their business. These developments mean that customers have the flexibility to make the changes that they need at the moment that they need it, and this will have a positive effect on the manner in which they work with ReviewPro. They’ll simply get much more out of the tool.

One of the knock-on effects should be increased user engagement and the ability to respond more quickly. This is great for clients as increased engagement with the ReviewPro tool by staff means greater chance of bettering the guest experience and improving their business.

It also has some interesting implications for larger clients who have an ‘Onboarding API’ functionality. This new back office allows data to sync directly from large and existing databases to our platform, maintaining users, groups the same as their internal systems. This is a huge step towards automating a process that is not only time consuming but could also be potentially erroneous when done on such a large scale and by so many people.

RP: What does this mean for your team?

NJ: Traditionally, around 17% of client requests were based on configuration. This percentage should now be freed up and allow account management to delve into more detailed consultancy type projects specific to the brand or group.

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RP: What can we expect to see next?

NJ: Expect to see more back office changes in the future. We plan to make available statistics on usage of the tool: login frequency and volume, percentages of user engagement, and other statistics that managers can use when setting goals and KPIs. As I said earlier, more engagement positively equates with guest satisfaction, so it is worth aiming for.

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