The ReviewPro Quality Seal

Placing customer reviews on a hotel website is a powerful way to build consumer confidence and keep people on the site. The ReviewPro Quality Seal was designed specifically to help you achieve these goals – and ultimately increase direct website sales.

The ReviewPro Quality Seal is a little widget that can be placed on any web age, displaying reviews from over 70 sources, and showing your overall guest satisfaction score according to the Global Review IndexTM.

Something that was missing in online reputation management for hotels was a way to calculate the aggregate rating of a property or brand across the diverse range of guest review websites. This is why one of the first things we did at ReviewPro was create the Global Review IndexTM (GRI), which provides a score reflecting a hotel’s overall online reputation. It is quickly becoming the industry benchmark for online guest satisfaction.

(You can read more about the GRI in this blog post.)

Why use the ReviewPro Quality Seal?

The ReviewPro Quality seal helps you:

  • Display an independent, third-party verification of overall quality
  • Show the overall guest satisfaction score from over 70 websites (not limited to a single source)
  • Build credibility with website visitors (they know you cannot tamper with the results)
  • Ultimately increase sales conversion rates and direct revenue

What does the ReviewPro Quality Seal look like?

There are a range of designs to fit your marketing needs:

If you are already a ReviewPro client, add this widget to your website and test the results.

(If you are not yet using ReviewPro, request your demo now.)