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ReviewPro’s Hotel Reputation and Social Media Management Event at ITB 2011

Last Thursday RJ Friedlander (@rjfriedlander) and ReviewPro hosted an event with Adam Wallace (@adwal) of the Roger Smith Hotel (a ReviewPro client) and Josiah Mackenzie (@hmarketinghelp) of Hotel Marketing Strategies to explore best practices in social media management and trends in reputation management.
If you were not able to attend, here are the presentations:

Managing social media

As Director of Digital Marketing, Adam Wallace has led the Roger Smith Hotel to become one of the industry’s leading examples of social media success. In his presentation, Adam outlined the steps they took to accomplish this:

The Roger Smith Hotel achieved success through building relationships with people, telling stories, and using media like these videos to gain visibility:

Reputation trends for hotels

Josiah then shared the top trends in reputation management that he sees as editor of Hotel Marketing Strategies:

Discussion of Top Trends

Trend #1: Customer service is going public and is becoming the new marketing. This is because more and more, interactions are made public. The way your staff treats each interaction goes beyond just that one guest, and can be seen by thousands of other people on social media. Extraordinary customer service is rewarded with positive viral word of mouth – and the flipside is true as well.

Trend #2: Review responses are increasingly important. Most review websites allow you to respond publicly to any guest review – positive or negative. But the real business opportunities lie in internal responses. What procedures do you run through for each positive and negative review? Do you have alerts set up and clear delegation and workflow systems in place? The best organizations are making review responses central to their operations management.

Trend #3: Influence scoring goes mainstream Influence scoring – such as the metrics provided by Klout.com – give social media practitioners a quick and easy look at what someone’s online influence is. It takes into consideration how many followers they have, how influential their followers are, how often their messages are passed along as retweets on Twitter or Facebook shares – among other things. ReviewPro is the first reputation and social media analytics tool to integrate influence scoring, so you have this functionality to work with.

Trend #4: Social activity becomes important for search. We know upwards of 90% of travel buying decisions begin with a Google search, so the websites that appear in the top results get a disproportionate amount of attention. Google has also begun to get a lot more social recently. They now display businesses with the most customer reviews near the top of rankings. Additionally, they just confirmed that activity on sites like Twitter and Facebook affects the ranking algorithm.

Trend #5: Semantic analysis for marketing Semantic analysis is technology that allows you to understand the sentiment – or attitude – toward specific elements of your guest experience….such as the breakfast, location, amenities, and service. You can use it to decide what guests appreciate most about staying at your hotels, then highlight that in the rest of your marketing communication.

Trend #6: Reputation becomes a sales tool What we’re seeing now is reviews might be the single most important factor in affecting a buyer’s decision. Research done by Neilsen and others indicate that consumers trust other consumers – which makes online reviews a powerful sales tool.

Trend #7: Going wherever your customers are Social media is exploding, and it is no longer enough to just be tracking just a few sites. Hotels that are monitoring one or two review sites are missing a huge opportunity. ReviewPro analyzes over 70 million reviews on over 60 websites in 8 languages.

If you missed this event, let us show you how online reputation management can improve your profitability.