The Recovery Traveler And What To Expect

Are you ready for the recovery traveler? As summer for much of the globe comes to an end, we have put a series of ebooks based on the best practices from our May webinar on catering to the recovery traveler.

Download our ebook: Three Quick Tips to Prepare for the Recovery Traveler.

Recovery Traveler

It has been an unusual summer season, to say the least since many restrictions were lifted and then reinstated. But travelers’ priorities continue to place health and safety first, even in some cases ahead of the price of a stay.

Guests, when booking their stays, are looking for:

– Health and safety first
– A means of escape and quality leisure time
– A property which ensures value for money
– Local traveling options
– Flexibility on bookings

To accommodate these needs, hoteliers and accommodation providers have been very busy designing and then implementing new protocols. Major changes were seen upon arrivals such as physical distancing and health screening of guests. In addition, there has been greater adoption of technology, with a lean towards contactless.

Hotels worldwide have engaged in a reputation mission of being the safest and cleanest hotel.

Recovery Traveler

“We used to be known for the human touch – and now we’re all about no touch at all.”

This message is transforming hotel operations. Before the pandemic, guests were expecting personalized services that set the bar for luxury. However, today, expectations for a luxury experience are that the hotel has taken strict measures to ensure the utmost safety of its clients.

When things do start to return to “normal”, travel, especially international travel, is likely to look very different.

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