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Online reputation and social media management for hotels: Recommended readings of the week – August 30th

Every Friday, we share five of the most interesting articles published online during the week, ranging from Social Media & Online Reputation Management to Hospitality Industry News and Market Research.

In case you haven’t already seen links to them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+, here is our hand-picked selection of recommended readings this week:

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37% consumers access web on mobile, while 8pm is the sweet spot to book trips online
Finding the sweet spots for travellers on the move

Add value: deeply engage with guests before they arrive, through social media
Engage with Customers Before They Arrive to Give a Better Experience
By Caroline Cooper

Housekeeping for internal communication
Organizing My Kitchen Junk Drawer: Lessons in Internal Communication
By Kate Berg

Can negative reviews help your hotel thrive?
I hate your brand: How negative word-of-mouth can actually increase positive engagement
By Nick Vivion

Cornell study reveals that first reviews are usually more negative
For online hotel reviews, the more the merriert
By Hugo Martin