Online Reputation and Social Media Management for Hotels: Recommended Readings of the week – April 5th

Every Friday, we share 5 of the most interesting articles published online during the week, ranging from Social Media & Online Reputation Management to Hospitality Industry News and Market Research.

In case you haven’t already seen links to them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+, here is our hand-picked selection of recommended readings this week:

The easiest way to encourage direct bookings – give your customers a good incentive!

Property staff can encourage direct bookings

By John Buchanan

Infographic: How do changing tastes and demands affect business travel? 

Business travel becomes budget conscious, social media makes a mark
By Karthick Prabu

Improve relations with employees to communicate your brand identity to customers
How to turn employees into a beacon for your brand
By Deborah Lewis

Why hotels prefer bespoke adventures for guests

Forget about hotel amenities, bring on the experience!
By Nancy Trejos

Video that shows us the best way to reach your audience
What can a hotel bathroom teach us about marketing?
By Lenore Miller