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Online Reputation and Social Media Management for Hotels: Recommended Readings of the week – March 29th

Every Friday, we share 5 of the most interesting articles published online during the week, ranging from Social Media & Online Reputation Management to Hospitality Industry News and Market Research.

In case you haven’t already seen links to them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+, here is our hand-picked selection of recommended readings this week:

Happy Easter, and have a great holiday weekend!

Taking a step-back from technology to realize its value
Is Social Media the New Chocolate During Lent?
By Camille Bautista

The Evolution of Online Content
Mash-Up: Mobile, Local and Social Content Come Together
by Vicky Hastings

What does it take for a hotel to get a five-star rating?
Taking customer service to another level
By Hugo Martin

Can a luxury resort disappear and rematerialize elsewhere?
Nomadic Retreats with eco-friendly footprints
by Nomadic Resorts

Social Media Marketing for an International Audience
Different Places, Different Habits
By Robert Weller