Online Reputation and Social Media Management for Hotels: Recommended Readings of the week – January 25th

Every week on Friday, we share 5 of the most interesting articles on Social Media & Online Reputation Management published during the week. Here are this week’s recommended readings:

Are you losing social media followers? Check this out!
How to Avoid Losing Social Media Followers
by Jordan Marquez

“Do you ever need to update fans from a certain city but don’t want to bother fans everywhere else? A special update for your baby boomer fans that your younger fans might not understand? The targeting feature on Facebook is a great way to custom tailor your posts to certain audiences, be more creative with your content, boost engagement rates and improve Facebook EdgeRank.”
How To Improve Facebook EdgeRank Using This Hidden Feature
by Brittany Botti

“With more people trying to make their purchase based on finding of products over Pinterest, there are few tricks that can optimize those simple looking pins get the desired attention.”
5 SEO Tricks for Pinterest
by Malhar Barai

Is there a magic bullet for how travel brands can make the most of their thousands of fans on Facebook? Probably not, but some data analysis can help point the way.
Best day to post on Facebook fan pages – and other helpful tips for travel brands [INFOGRAPHIC]
by Kevin May

Are you looking to get started with social media marketing? Do you want to reexamine how you’ve been using social networks? In this post, I’ll cover 26 tips, an A-Z guide, to help you understand the backbone of successful social media strategies.
26 Tips for Getting Started With Social Media Marketing
by Debbie Hemley