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“Correctly Onboarding Clients is Key to Success”

Interview with Neil James, VP Global Customer Success.

The ReviewPro onboarding process is key to our success as a company because onboarding clients represent the basis of the relationship and their first experience with the tool. Although today more of the onboarding is done automatically, the core of it remains the human connection between the account manager and the client. They work together to understand the specific business challenges on the table, design processes and strategies that will fit the client’s needs, and ensure the tool is set up to get the right information to the right person.

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The onboarding process itself has radically changed in the last 10 years and the team has grown from four to 40 people. Originally the client would fill in their information on an excel and email it to the account management team who would manually enter all the information. They would then have to rely on back and forth emails and the working hours of the account managers for any changes.

Today, users are far more independent. New users will get a login, we add the hotel and then they go in and fill in everything they need. They can define their competition set (which has recently increased from five to 10), and they can add or remove users and permissions. Another thing they can do is define the workgroups, this is an important step as it ensures the right information (alerts/reports) gets to the right person and department. Workgroups can be as large as the entire company, or as small as the top managers, or specific like the F&B or Housekeeping department.

Client looking at screen self onboarding

Many clients now opt for the personalized consultancy packs. This provides an in-depth analysis of the client’s needs and ongoing support to ensure they are reaching objectives. The client has a dedicated account manager throughout the process, who will help them to define strategies and fix objectives for the first 90 days and beyond.

It covers issues like:

• Setting up key users

• Defining objectives

• Understanding why the data is being collected (is it being used for marketing, sales, guest satisfaction)

• Improving staff engagement and usage

• Analyzing data

• Support with reporting and training for departments or properties

ReviewPro is built on happy customers who use the tool and are keen to know about our latest features and products. They know the value of ReviewPro because they see the tool working for their particular needs, and so are more than happy to keep going with us or take on our latest tools and features because they know it will pay off.

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Our success has come from listening to our client feedback and developing what people want and need. Much of this feedback comes from the contact with account management and customer success who attend our customers in 15 native languages and use tools like Service Cloud and Gainsight to report on the latest suggestions, challenges, and successes, as well as client usage levels and NPS.

The biggest, onboarding we have executed was of over 1,000 hotels for Radisson Hotel Group. They used our back-office API to onboard and update things like users, hotel competitors and customer data automatically. This only works with large groups like this that have the technical ability and the database already populated with this information.

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Will onboarding ever be fully automated? Like many industries, I think it will come to a point where it’s massively automated and self-serve, freeing up our staff to help clients with things that are more valuable. It can be compared to an automated reception at a hotel – it frees up receptionists to concentrate on the human touch.

Neil James explains the new back office capabilities

Neil James, VP Global Customer Success at ReviewPro

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