Online Seminar Materials: Best Practices in Reputation Management (With Diego Sartori from citizenM)

In our recent online seminar about best practices in reputation management, Diego Sartori from citizenM Hotels joined us to discuss:

  • The overall impact of online reviews today (research into how the traveler of today is using online ratings in the buying process)
  • What’s new in 2011: key changes and trends that are important now
  • Overview of top review sites today (and how they differ from each other)
  • Basics tips for better listening on the social web
  • How to use semantic analysis to understand the sentiment behind reviews
  • Basics of responding to reviews
  • What you need to know about international reputation management
  • How to help your whole team understand what they can do to improve online reputation
  • Steps for putting together a reputation management program
  • Looking at policies