8 Key Steps to Exceed Guest Expectations and Increase Satisfaction

With a direct impact on reputation, loyalty and revenue, guest satisfaction is the ultimate measure of success for lodging providers, restaurants and other types of hospitality businesses. Traveler’s expectations of the hotel are formed in the shopping, booking and pre-stay stages. Upon arrival at the hotel, it’s the moment of truth, will your product exceed guest expectations?

Why are guest expectations so important?

Moving from a pleasant guest experience to a delightful guest experience can lead to a greater than 50% increase in guest likelihood to return and recommend, according to a 2019 survey of 45,000 US hotel guests from J.D. Power & Associates.

When you fail to meet expectations. The guest is disappointed and may become a detractor. They won’t come back or recommend the hotel. They might even warn others to stay away.

When you meet expectations. The guest’s basic needs are met, but they don’t feel passionate about the hotel one way or another. They are passive or neutral. They might come back, but they might not either. They may recommend the hotel, but the feedback will probably be lukewarm or mixed.

When you exceed expectations. The guest is delighted with the stay and may become a promoter. Not only will they come back, but they may recommend the hotel to others. This makes for a very valuable guest

Here are our eight key steps to ensure you consistently exceed guest expectations.

1. Clearly communicate and deliver on brand standards and promises

2. Identify guest satisfaction objectives and key performance metrics

3. Implement strategies, tools and processes for achieving objectives

4. Monitor and analyze guest feedback and performance

5. Resolve guest issues quickly with improvements in quality and service

6. Share feedback with staff as a constructive learning tool

7. Provide employees with training, guidelines and leadership to reach objectives

8. Recognize and reward staff for positive mentions and achieving objectives

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