How to Involve and Incentivize Your Team To Improve Online Guest Satisfaction

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A recurring theme we see in hotels that are most popular in online guest reviews is that they make guest satisfaction a team effort. Continuously improving quality is coordinated between all departments by sharing online feedback and a plan for action. We see that the degree to which hotel executives take insights from reviews and turn this into measurable action steps for their staff is directly connected to how popular that hotel will be on the social web.

The Roger Smith Hotel in New York – widely recognized in the industry as one of the most advanced users of social technologies – understands the team effort required. Everything they do online – from creating content for publishing to selecting amenities to providing service – is coordinated among their entire staff based on guest feedback. For example, the inaugural edition of their online newspaper, The Jolly Roger, included advice on things to do in New York from the restaurant manager, director of sales, general manager, and an intern. Publishing this provides service to their customers and online audience. When it comes to online reputation management, review reporting is scheduled for key people throughout their hotel, providing a reminder to continually deliver remarkable …

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