Do you know which rooms your guests love/hate and why?

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One of the most popular new features of our Guest Satisfaction Survey tool is the analysis by room number or room type function. On the results page, clients can now drill down to better understand guest satisfaction with specific hotel rooms or room categories.

The analysis by room number enables managers to detect underperforming rooms and use the detailed insights to make improvements where possible. You could discover for example that the mattress in room 14 is uncomfortable and needs replaced or that the light bulb flickers in the bathroom in room 62. Once improvements have been made, it is also possible to measure if guest satisfaction in these rooms improve over time which is useful to see whether the investment has been worthwhile and if so, to help justify future investments in refurbishments.

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Unfortunately it is not always possible to solve room issues experienced by guests. If managers identify that a specific room is not of the same high standard as other rooms but do not have an immediate solution to fix it, they could define a room policy whereby better rated rooms are allocated to guests first and underperforming rooms are set as ‘Last Let rooms’. If the property is at full occupancy and managers have no alternative, an interesting strategy could be to adjust rates or offer some kind of compensation such as a complimentary welcome drink.

Based on the new analytics by room type, it could also become apparent that a certain room category, such as a standard double, has low guest satisfaction. As a quick win, sales and marketing managers should consider adjusting messaging to set more realistic guest expectations. Pricing strategy could also be reviewed. Ideally, however, refurbishment options should be considered based on the room issues highlighted by guests in their feedback.

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Features of ReviewPro’s new room analytics function include:

Satisfaction By Room Number:

· Overall Rating by Room Number
· Room Satisfaction Rating by Room Number
· NPS® by Room Number
· Responses by Room Number

Satisfaction By Room Type:

· Overall Rating by Room Type
· Room Satisfaction Rating by Room Type
· NPS® by Room Type
· Responses by Room Type

NOTE: In order to see the room analytics widget, you need to import room number and type data from your PMS into ReviewPro.

With this innovative new feature, hoteliers can now identify problem rooms or room types and optimize their room strategy and pricing accordingly to boost guest satisfaction and drive positive online reviews.

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