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How Attitude Hotels Won the #1 Spot on TripAdvisor

Attitude Hotels is a collection of upmarket, eco-friendly hotels in Mauritius. Just four years ago the brand was using pen and paper to collect guest feedback, today it is fully digitized. By making data-driven decisions it has managed to secure top-10 positions on TripAdvisor for all its 3* properties in 2019, including the #1 spot.

We interviewed Clémentine Katz, Chief Marketing Officer at Attitude Hotels, to find out how they did it!

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What does guest experience mean to your organization?

Like many hospitality companies, we used to have a narrow view of ‘Guest Experience’. We saw it solely as the responsibility of the front office ‘Guest Experience Officers’ and covered everything from welcoming honeymooners to handling complaints about missing sunbeds.

Now we look at it more broadly. It is the sum of all positive and negative interactions that a guest has with our brand. It starts with the first contact, usually at a travel agency overseas, and should not end at check-out. We no longer look at it as just the Front Office’s job. A bad experience at breakfast can make a guest less tolerant of mishaps in housekeeping. Conversely, an excellent but over-the-top check-in can set the bar too high for the rest of the stay. So, for us, guest experience is everyone’s responsibility, including back-of-house and head office teams.

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How is ReviewPro used within your organization?

At the level of individual hotels, it is the team’s daily bread and butter. Heads of Departments use ReviewPro during the daily briefings to go over feedback from in-house guests (received via an in-stay survey), recurrent negative feedback (compiled from a separate post-stay survey) and develop their action plans to improve quality.

At management level, all the way up to the Head Office, a selection of ReviewPro figures are integrated into our KPI dashboards – alongside the traditional Profit & Loss indicators, HR indicators etc. Targets are set on a yearly basis for each property and sometimes even for specific departments, with attached incentives for successfully meeting them.

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What are the main results and improvements you have seen since implementing ReviewPro?

Fortunately, we already had a strong service culture within the company.

ReviewPro has really helped us bring it one step further – turning it into a data-driven service culture. We now have hard figures that show us exactly when, where, and how guests are unhappy with service. We can also measure if our efforts to improve are paying off. We no longer have to rely on a ‘general feel’ for guest satisfaction. Now, we ‘know’ for sure.

We can also think more strategically about service: injecting capital and training our teams in areas that have the most impact on our guests’ satisfaction. The best examples are our small-sized midrange hotels. These properties have the double challenge of comparatively high cost-per-guest (high fixed costs are split over few number of keys) and moderate margins given the star-category. So, every penny invested must count.

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With ReviewPro’s help, we identified the key satisfiers and dissatisfiers in guest experience and really focused on them. After four years of continuous efforts, we’re happy to say that all our 3-star hotels are in the local top 10 by e-reputation on TripAdvisor in 2019… including the number one, Tropical Attitude!

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