How a 4-star hotel in Madrid created a guest-centric culture with ReviewPro

Strategically located in the business centre of Madrid, Hotel VillaMadrid has spent the past few years focusing on creating a guest-centric culture at the hotel. The organization has always had a service orientated internal culture however they began to realize that customers seek experiences rather than service.

Susana Trives, Marketing Manager at Hotel VillaMadrid tells us why they decided to focus on creating a guest-centric culture and how ReviewPro have helped them.

“Up until 2012, the internal culture at VillaMadrid was service orientated. We aimed to provide excellent service in the best way we could, being available for our guests at all times. Nowadays, however, this is not enough. Customers seek experiences and they want to discuss these experiences openly with the global online world.¨

“After trying different methods to manage our online guest feedback, we came across ReviewPro and realized they were the eyes and ears that were missing in our online world. Since then, we have been continuously growing, evolving and improving . We have implemented a daily monitoring system of all comments across all networks, responding to 100 % of the feedback we receive.¨

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“ReviewPro’s customizable Online Reputation Management tool and Guest Survey Solution gives us the opportunity to gather valuable, detailed information from guests. Learning from this feedback, we then use it to implement changes to improve the overall guest experience. The solution has given the hotel the opportunity to create a customer focused internal culture.”

Susana continued, “The data collected by ReviewPro has enabled us to focus on what our customers want and need when staying at our hotel. We can establish what is working well and what we need to improve.”

So how did Hotel Villa Madrid create its guest centric culture?

• Listening to the customer
• Changing the way they managed guest feedback
• Responding to 100% of comments on all networks
• Establishing strong relationships with guests by showing them the attention they want and deserve
• Identifying areas for improvement by sending guests questionnaires as soon as they check out
• Producing daily reports for each department with reviews and ratings from guests

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We asked Susanna Trives what she thought the benefits of having a guest-centric culture were:

• Customer becomes an asset to the hotel
• Hotel has a 360-degree view of guest
• Analysis of growth rate and customer loyalty is enabled
• Development of experiences rather than services
• Motivation of team through the external assessments

Hotel Villa Madrid’s tips on how to offer a personalized service:

• Ensure that quality is at the forefront of each experience
• Make guests feel at home by providing things like, chocolates, nuts, water, national and international newspapers and a pillow menu so guests are fully comfortable.
• Maintain and build on customer knowledge through the internal CRM system about preferences of food and requests they may have made in previous stays.

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Susana continue to discuss the main benefits of using ReviewPro’s software to the hotel:

“It saves time. At a glance you can see a general overview of the position of your hotel compared to your direct competition in the Semantic Analysis tool. It gives us peace of mind knowing that we will not miss any comments with the monitoring tool. The tool allows us to analyze all aspects that influence every department of the hotel from the customer´s perspective. Problems are detected through Semantic Analysis therefore we can easily identify our weaknesses. This also results in better internal communication and we have been able to establish new processes and procedures to effectively put improvements in place. “

The hotel has seen a number of positive results through creating a guest-centric culture:

• Gaining in-depth knowledge of guests
• Increased focus when modifying processes and procedures within the hotel
• Detecting weaknesses and areas for improvement more easily
• Establishing strengths to communicate and reinforce
• Strengthens the customer relationship with the ability to turn a negative experience into a positive one
• Stronger customer loyalty after feeling heard and cared for.

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If you’d like to follow the perfect example that Hotel VillaMadrid has set and work together on implementing a customer focused strategy then get in touch here