50+ Hotels on Facebook: Examples You Can Learn From

Often the best way to learn is by looking at examples. For this reason, we assembled a list of hotels that are doing interesting things on Facebook. We put them in categories by what we feel they do best.


Room Mate Hotels is using Facebook contest to find a face for their new hotel in Miami Beach.

Community & Customer Service

Groups like Kimpton Hotels and Casa Camper have built engaged communities on Facebook.

Booking Engines & Ecommerce

Hotels like Hotel Miro and Viva Hotels use Facebook to accept direct bookings.

Innovative Custom Tabs

Custom tabs can be used to encourage people to become fans, like Thistle does here.

Interesting Content

Hotels like Seven Hotel and the Napa Valley Marriott routinely post content that keeps their fans engaged

Facebook Pages As Mini-Websites

Download: Guide Facebook for HotelsDownload: Guide Facebook for Hotels

Share your suggestions in the comments: What are your favorite hotel Facebook pages?