ReviewPro Guide: Optimizing Your Website With Reviews and User-Generated Content

Hotel website optimization with online reviews and reputation managementThe role of online reviews in measuring and improving quality is a topic we discuss frequently at ReviewPro. Yet reviews and user-generated content also present a significant opportunity to increase the number of people coming to your website, and to convert more of those visitors into buyers.

Since direct sales are typically most profitable for hotels, hotel website optimization is a topic worthy of special consideration. A purchase through your website gives you the ability to control the buying experience – which messages the consumer sees and how they see it – and provides greater opportunities to connect the buyer with the rest of your social media presence.

This guide explains recent changes to search engine algorithms and consumer behavior that guide current best practices in hotel website optimization. It will outline several practical steps you can take to increase direct sales with user-generated content, and provide examples of hotels that are doing this well.

Download: A Hotel’s Guide to Website OptimizationDownload: A Hotel’s Guide to Website Optimization