ReviewPro analysis shows Top 10 hotels out of Sharm el Sheik’s 170

Out of 170 hotels in the Egyptian resort destination of Sharm el-Sheikh, the Royal Savoy’s rated No. 1 by its guests, according to a new analysis of online reviews by ReviewPro.

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ReviewPro based the Sharm el-Sheikh rankings on its analysis of more than 71,200 client reviews in more than 100 travel websites, including sites such as TripAdvisor or online travel agency such as Each of the 170 analyzed hotels was assigned an industry-standard Global Review Index™ score for the last year, allowing ReviewPro to determine the Top 10.

Sharm el Sheikh Top Hotels Ranking

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The average GRI score of the 170 Sharm el-Sheikh hotels is a 78%, the analysis shows. ReviewPro also analyzed more than 62,500 reviews for 126 hotels in Hurghada, Egypt, and calculated their average GRI score at 79.7%.
Hurghada Top Hotels Ranking

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Top Hotel Rankings report

In Sharm el-Sheikh, the No. 1 hotel – the Royal Savoy, located next to the private White Knight beach on the Red Sea – received a 96% GRI score.

Other hotels that made the cut are the Iberotel Palace, located along the sandy beach of Sharm El Maya Bay (92.4%), and the Rixos Sharm el-Sheikh Resort, located in the heart of Sharm el-Sheikh with a view of the entrance of the Gulf of Aqaba (91.4%).

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Consumers, however, rated hotels differently when it came to categories that they tend to pay the most attention to – such as “cleaniness” and “location.” Consider:

  • Service: When it comes to consumer feedback about service, the Royal Savoy won the No. 1 spot with a GRI score for service of 97.9%
  • Value: The analysis shows that consumers give the highest ranking in this category to Domina Kings Lake Hotel, which has GRI score for value of 96.8%
  • Cleanliness: The Four Seasons Sharm el-Sheikh tops the Top 10 list in this category with a GRI of 97.8%
  • Location: The Royal Savoy wins this most praise in this category with a GRI of 96.4%
  • Rooms: The Four Seasons property takes the No. 1 spot for rooms with a GRI of 95.9%

The Sharm el-Sheikh analysis is the latest installment of ReviewPro’s Global Review Index™ Top Hotel Rankings, which the company has been compiling since 2011 for a variety of cities, island destinations and resort areas around the world.

The Global Review Index is based on a proprietary algorithm that ReviewPro developed with hotel industry experts. The score lets hotels quickly assess their performance and that of their competitors.

For each hotel in Sharm el-Sheikh, ReviewPro included reviews from the period of July 1, 2012 through June 30th, 2013 to come up with the Top 10.