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With ReviewPro Hotel Corallo Sorrento Now Sees Complaints as an Opportunity

Guests come first at Hotel Corallo Sorrento. Antonello Assante, the Hotel Manager, starts his day by reading any new feedback that has come in over breakfast and programming face to face meetings with guests for when he arrives at the hotel. Once there, he takes the time to sit down and have a coffee with any guests that are not 100% satisfied. “Guests can be nervous,” says Antonello. “Sometimes they want to speak and be listened to”. It takes patience and empathy to really get to grips with the issue underlying any inconveniences.

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Hotel Corallo Sorrento beachview

“For me and all the staff guest experience is extremely important,” says Antonello. “We know guests have been looking forward to their holiday for a long time after seeing our pictures and reviews online. They come for holidays and relaxation, not for work, so their stay is very significant. Our goal is to make it unforgettable.”

Hotel Corallo Sorrento sends an in-stay guest satisfaction survey to the guest the night after check-in. The process is automatic and uses an integration with the PMS system (the data is refreshed nightly) to automatically fill in data like email, room number, room type, or type of guest. Antonello receives an alert on his mobile via the ReviewPro app when new survey responses come through, and he often responds within minutes.

“Last year, we had a couple staying with us who filled in the in-stay survey saying everything ok but wished they had one more chair or sunbed on their terrace– after 10 minutes, we provided it. The guests were astonished.”

“We had another couple who gave a rating of 4/5 on their in-stay survey. At 9 am the next morning I was sitting down with them having a coffee. They mentioned that the stay was very special to them as it was their 25-year anniversary, and they had hoped for a better view. For me it is a pleasure to provide such things. We changed their room and they were very emotional. They also gave us a very good review on TripAdvisor!”

Good hotel reviews on TripAdvisor

In-stay surveys are a very important part of the guest experience strategy for Hotel Corallo. When a guest is in-house, staff have an opportunity to fix it. If they leave without saying anything and were unhappy, everyone loses.

“The guests lose the opportunity to have the perfect stay, and we lose the opportunity to provide the perfect stay. Once they are gone there is nothing, we can do to change their experience,” says Antonello. “Complaints are an opportunity to help. But this only counts if they are still with me and I can do something about it.”

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