High Touch to No Touch

Staying ahead of the curve means being switched on to global events, client needs, and technology trends – and how they all affect the guest experience. This year we have seen mass adoption of tech within a very short space of time both at home and at work. One of the biggest takeaways is that people want to move from ‘high-touch’ (traditional hospitality) to ‘no-touch’ (social distancing and less contact).

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In this ebook we will look at:

  • Why capturing and understanding guest feedback is still key
  • Why messaging is more relevant today than ever
  • The challenges of implementing guest messaging
  • The importance of information at every stage of the journey

High Touch to No Touch

So, what are the tools hoteliers can use to transform their operations and meet new guest needs?

Online reviews

Hoteliers must continue to manage online reviews and guest survey feedback. Your hotel’s online reviews can be of huge benefit to your business or a massive detractor, depending on how well they are managed, and today potential guests will search for reviews to read feedback related specifically to hygiene and safety. Ensuring they have good management responses, and that guest feedback is incorporated into operations is vital.

According to Tripadvisor:

  • 96% of bookers consider reviews important when researching a hotel.
  • 86% of travelers will not book accommodation without reading reviews first.
  • 79% will read between 6 and 12 reviews before making a purchase decision.
  • 88% will filter out hotels with an average star rating below three.
  • 85% agree that a thoughtful response to a review would improve their impression of the hotel.

High Touch to No Touch

Messaging and chatbots

Messaging and chatbot messaging are now much more than a ‘nice to have’, it is the channel of choice for individuals. Unsurprisingly, half of the hoteliers are considering implementing messaging to better connect with guests. As we move into the new era of the guest experience, it will be more important than ever for hotels to communicate with guests clearly and concisely.

This can be done with the use of sophisticated AI technology and chatbots. These help alleviate staff by answering the majority of repetitive questions and providing the right information at the right time to help your guests. Responding quickly and efficiently, from the guests’ own device and preferred messaging service helps improve the guest experience.

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