H Resort Employs a Combination of Proactive and Reactive Strategies to Provide Service Excellence

H Resorts is a luxury property located in the tropical paradise of the Seychelles, and it knows that in order to provide true service excellence it needs to listen to and act upon guest feedback. The property uses the Online Reputation Management (ORM) solution, plus in-stay and post-stay Guest Satisfaction Surveys (GSS) to provide a combination of proactive and reactive guest service. It also employs the Auto Case Management (ACM) solution to ensure any issues are dealt with efficiently and quickly.

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Proactive guest experience strategy

Using either in-stay surveys or a guest messaging solution to communicate with guests while still on site and provide immediate solutions where possible. This prevents any issues or needs from turning into negative online reviews or post stay survey responses.

At H Resort, all managerial staff use the tool daily via the ReviewPro mobile app to monitor the latest guest feedback. For in-stay surveys, the team is immediately notified when a guest communicates a need or request via an urgent case according to the predefined ACM rules*, so they can fix any issues as they arise.

*Auto Case Management rules ensure that as soon as the survey response or review is processed by ReviewPro, a case is created and assigned where needed.

The team must contact the guest (via the mode of contact the guest chooses) right away in order to ensure service recovery. Even when the guest simply voices something that could better their stay, but is not a direct complaint, the team have a deadline of six hours to look into it and see if there is anything they can do to really make the guest feel special.

In a study by ReviewPro, it was shown that guests who reported an in-stay need or issue that was solved during their stay were more satisfied than guests who hadn’t had a problem during their stay.

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Reactive guest experience strategy

Collecting and analyzing feedback from after guests have left the property and leveraging the insights needed to guide operational and service improvements. The feedback can be collected from online reviews, collected from post-stay guest satisfaction surveys, or a combination of the two.

In H Resort, once the guest has left, cases are generated for any problems that went unreported during the stay. Action is then taken and the guest is informed with a post-stay email where necessary.

The team meets on a monthly basis to analyze individual department operations and define longer-term improvement strategies according to the feedback received from both online reviews and guest surveys.

H Resort: continual service excellence

The property has specific KPIs which are appraised on a monthly basis and compared to both the previous year and previous month to ensure continual improvement:

The Global Review Index™ (GRI) on an ongoing basis to ensure overall guest satisfaction remains high
• Overall satisfaction and NPS to ensure that guest needs being met
• The Net Promoter Score to ensure it remains healthy
• Management response time

By combining these tools, monitoring these KPIs and following internal processes H Resort is providing the service excellence and swift management response (meeting KPI of 100% of survey responses within 24hours).

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Rose Delosreyes, Quality & Guest Experience Manager
H Resort is a contemporary & chic property located in the Seychelles featuring 100 rooms comprising of villas and suites, an award-winning spa and 7 eclectic dining experiences.