Guide to Review Sites for Hotels

Most hoteliers will agree that managing a hotel’s online reputation is critical to their business in today’s internet-driven economy.

A major part of any hotelʼs online reputation is based on guest reviews. Managing these reviews is not an easy task: There are dozens of online travel agencies (OTAs), online communities and other travel related sites that allow their users to publish reviews, and sometimes even photos and videos of hotels.”

This Guide gives an overview of 123 of the major review sites worldwide. For each website, we have created an easy to read checklist of features and information that will help you manage your reviews on these sites and decide where to focus your efforts.”

Please note: All information in this guide has been researched by the ReviewPro team online. These sites evolve constantly, and we cannot guarantee that the information presented here is always up to date. If you would like to update some information, please do reach out to us. We intend to keep this guide up to date, expand it and provide it to the community free of charge. You can always reach us at

Download: 123 Hotel Review Sites ReviewedDownload Handbook: 123 Hotel Review Sites Reviewed