Guests complain most about smell & noise in hectic, humid Bangkok

In a comprehensive analysis of almost 415,000 OTA reviews by hotel guests across 939 Bangkok hotels, the stifling heat and humidity cause the most complaints, with 70% of negative review mentions including the terms “smell” and “noise”, and 50% with negative mentions of “temperature”. Air conditioning is also a sore point for guests – even at the top-rated establishments – in a city where humidity levels frequently reach over 80%.

Ranked No.1 by Global Review Index (or GRI – learn more here), The Siam is an award-winning five-star city retreat decorated in an airy, colonial style. It also wins hands-down for service and room-quality, but The Peninsula, Hotel W and Intercontinental Bangkok beat the hotel in other areas such as “cleanliness” and “location”.

Dominated by worldwide luxury brands, the Top 10 list of hotels was calculated using the GRI, ReviewPro’s propriety algorithm. On average, consumers published an average of 441 reviews per property.

Top 5 Bangkok Hotels:

1. The Siam
2. Loogchoob Homestay
3. The Peninsula
4. Hotel W Home Bangkok
5. InterContinental Bangkok

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