Guest Survey Solution: Customize Reports & Alerts

We have recently enhanced our Guest Intelligence Suite with an updated version of our Guest Survey Solution (GSS). Our platform gives hoteliers a clear and concise tool to access their feedback and insight in order to prioritize improvements and improve overall results.

The flexible tool allows you to customize your view of the data. You can choose which questions you want to see or hide based on your role in order to filter out the noise and access the necessary information directly. No need for you to trawl through pages and pages of data to find what you need!

Information can be tailored to the profile of the GSS user like we do in our Semantic Analysis tool, allowing you to attain relevant insight quickly and efficiently.

The Right Data for the Right People

• The Food & Beverage Manager can access feedback specific to their department. It is important to get the right information into the hands of the right people in order to improve your Guest Satisfaction.

• Our real time alerts will only be sent to the relevant users of the tool. So, if there is a low score on the restaurant, your food & beverage manager will receive a notification, speeding up the improvement process!

• Your revenue manager can attain data to compare Guest Satisfaction levels against different rates at the hotel for example, a standard rate compared to a special offer rate.

Team members benefit from the easy workflow of the tool to define the filters, save the views and create associate Alerts or PDF Reports. These reports can be taken into meetings and shared amongst the team.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 14.41.50

GSS Filters & Views

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 12.57.38

Key features include:

• New design to simplify view creation.
• Summary option to preview changes on the KPI’s once a filter is selected.
• New option to “Show and Hide” questions in GSS, great for department heads.
• Options to assign the Views, Alerts and Reports to other team members.

These new features allow hoteliers to view the essential information they need at that specific moment in time. In addition to saving time, these latest developments are focused on helping you improve the overall performance of your hotel.

We would love to hear your feedback @ReviewPro or you can email us here.

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