Guest Complaints Need Not Be the Thing of Nightmares

The dreaded customer complaint. A spanner in the works, or a take-in-it-your-stride, ideal opportunity to improve your services, resulting in yet another happy, and loyal, customer? Guests’ comments need not be the thing of nightmares. Consider it useful insight, or a helpful nudge in the right direction, but act on feedback swiftly for best results.

For the team at Forte Village beach resort, in Sardinia, the key concern was being able to deal with all customer issues before check-out, identified either via in-stay surveys or discussions in person. The solution not only had to be highly efficient in alerting the right staff member promptly in the event of a complaint, but also allow for an optimised follow-up process, reducing churn and prompting stellar write-ups from holidaymakers post-stay.

All in a day’s work with ReviewPro’s highly-customizable Auto Case Management (ACM) tool, which fully integrates into hotel clients’ existing feedback systems and allows managers to filter and create rules to fit their organisational structure, ensuring the right person is automatically alerted and made responsible for responding to specific queries or feedback.

Forte Village beach resort implemented ReviewPro’s ACM solution across the 8 hotel properties and have had the peace of mind that comes with knowing that no client feedback is left unanswered, that customer queries are prioritized according to importance and that effective service recovery is paramount in boosting positive guest reviews.

Where cases are not responded to within 24 hours, they are automatically escalated to the Resident Manager, who oversees all the resort’s properties. Use of this new tool allowed Forte Village to create 53 cases and successfully close 43 of them within the first month of implementation.

Bruno Saragat, CRM Manager & Revenue Analyst at Forte Village, commented, “ReviewPro has supported us throughout every step of the implementation process of Auto Case Management. The team worked closely with us to ensure processes were functioning just as we wanted them to within our organization. For us, one of the most important features of the new tool is the ability to customize it”.

Like to find out more? Download the full case study to understand how this award-winning beach resort uses case management to improve internal processes, ​ensure the timely resolution of issues and create an unforgettable holiday experience for every guest.