Google Plus for Hotel Marketing: The Quick Guide

When Google, arguably the world’s most powerful internet company – and a company legendary for hiring the smartest engineers in the world – launches its own social network, you’d think the hotel marketing community would immediately jump on the bandwagon. We did take notice. There were only two problems:

  1. Google tried this earlier with Google Buzz – and failed
  2. We are still trying to take advantage of the opportunity on existing social networks

Many of us, while curious, were reluctant to jump head-first into this new network when it launched in June 2011. But a number of important things have changed since then, making it now a powerful tool in any hotel company’s social communications program.

In this quick guide, we’re going to look at some practical ways you can use Google Plus for hotel marketing. The genesis of this article was my conversation with Chris Brogan and the Roger Smith team (full story here), and I highly recommend you read Chris’s book, Google Plus for Business, for a complete introduction. After experimenting, testing and researching on my own over the past few months, I put together this summary of some of the most relevant issues for hotels. Let’s jump in….

Download: Guide Google Plus for HotelsDownload: Guide Google Plus for Hotels