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If For No Other Reason, Use Google+ for Hotel SEO

I have to confess.

When I first heard about Google Plus – and started experimenting – it seemed like an interesting concept. An interesting concept without a real incentive for me to begin using actively. One more social network to maintain?

Maybe you felt the same way.

Well, Google’s overhaul of their search algorithm was the tipping point for me to switch from a passive observer to an active user. Now, it will become an essential part of any hotels’ search engine optimization program.

I made a little video to show how this works for personal profiles, travel-related searches, and brands:

Rand Fishkin has a longer, more complete explanation over at SEOmoz:

We’ll cover the details of Google Plus in future articles, but for now, get those profiles set up and filled out!

(Don’t forget to circle ReviewPro while you’re at it)

Download: Guide Google Plus for HotelsDownload: Guide Google Plus for Hotels