End-of-Season Hotel Marketing Action Plan

The end of the Labor Day weekend officially marks the end of summer in the United States – and around the world, travelers are heading home and returning to work and school. This time of year provides some unique opportunities to hotel marketers. Here are a few suggestions on how to maximize your presence with online reviews and social media:

Gather guest-published content

The volume of user-created media – photos, videos, blog posts, etc – typically surges during this time of year. Use technology such as ReviewPro’s Saved Searches to collect all media related to your hotels or concepts that interest you.

Once you have collected this, highlight the best pieces of content.

This is what I call Guestsourcing: Promoting the stories that others are telling about you, and connecting your past guests with potential future ones.

Optimize your website by publishing guest-created content

Publish guest reviews and social media feedback to your website to optimize sales conversation rates.

The ReviewPro Quality Seal makes this easy by providing your website visitors with an instant understanding of how other travelers have rated your hotel across 65 review sites:

Use semantic analysis to optimize your marketing strategy

Semantic analysis of reviews provide insight into which elements of your hotel experience is most appreciated by guests.

A quick look at the semantic analysis report in your ReviewPro dashboard can:

Check your review distribution

Search engines such as Google reward businesses with reviews distributed across a number of review sites. It is typically better to have 5 reviews on 5 websites than 25 review on just one review site.

Since the end of summer season typically leads to an influx of new reviews, now is a good time to check this, and begin encouraging reviews on other sites if needed.

Get your entire team involved in marketing

Do some brainstorming with your concierge, and ask “What were the most common questions you were asked by guests?” You could identify the top 10, 20, or 50 questions…and then create a series of blog posts or articles answering these.

To improve your online reputation and optimize your web presence, raise awareness internally about what your guests are saying online. You may want to take a tip from citizenM Hotels, and print out reviews from the past few months – and then post these to your staff break room:

Use social media to maintain relationships between stays

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of sites like Facebook is the ability to maintain top-of-mind awareness with your guests in between their stays at your hotels.

Provide a mix of interesting, valuable content – and they’ll remember you for next time.

ReviewPro offers a complete social media monitoring and publishing system for hoteliers. Request a demo now to learn more.