Employee Spotlight: Meet André Bazaga

Staff spotlight:
André Bazaga


Where are you from and why did you come to Barcelona?

I’m from the countryside between São Paolo and Uberaba in the southeast of Brazil. At first, I was attracted to the order and chaos of an enormous metropolis in São Paolo and I later came to Barcelona for an MA in History of Art. Living here gives me a much deeper sense of security, which has brought a lot of peace to my life. Barcelona is close to the sea and mountains, with plenty of arts and culture too. It offers a great quality of life.

Describe a typical day at ReviewPro

It’s very pleasant to work at ReviewPro. From the director to our cleaning lady, everyone is always friendly and open. I have various keepsakes on my desk such as a small glass of sea salt topped with a rock of amethyst, which helps to purify my surroundings. It’s a mystical tradition and helps me to feel close to my Brazilian culture. I arrive each morning and review my daily agenda, then spend most of the day between phone-calls, internal meetings and meetings or demos with potential clients. Sometimes I’ll take lunch with friends in the sunshine now the summer has arrived.

What will you do this weekend?

One of the best parts of living in Barcelona is the freedom to roam outdoors. I might go rollerblading and play hockey with friends and later to a beach-bar by the Mediterranean, followed by dinner and good music. There is some fantastic music in this city! And of course, a relaxing Sunday to wake up refreshed and ready to start the working week on Monday.

What is the biggest challenge that hoteliers face in your market?

The Portuguese and Brazilian markets are very different to one another. Portugal is a small country with limited tourist resources in comparison to Brazil. Portugal’s tourist infrastructure is geared towards older travelers who don’t necessarily care about new social media networks, and this presents an obstacle to hoteliers in generating reviews. They should focus on harnessing their good geographical position to invite tourists from beyond Europe to get to know the country’s unique charm and culture.

Brazil is an enormous country with much tourism to explore, but online opinion is something new to the country in comparison to others with a higher number of review portals. It’s my job to help them understand the relevance of online reputation management, which has the potential to be highly lucrative for Brazilian hotels.